How to choose the best online directory for your brand?

How to choose the best online directory for your brand?

An online directory listing is a platform where you can list the business under categories that deems fit your services. The online directories make it a lot more convenient and easier for consumers to identify the right product manufacturers, businesses, and more. Listing your business in varied directories can be largely helpful in increasing your visibility to a large array of audiences around the world. Hence, today it is largely important to choose the best online directory and bring your brand to the notice of all.

However, choosing the best online directory might not be an easy task. Here is how you can choose the leading online directory for your brand.

Exposure on a directory:

Unless and until the membership is free, the very first thing that you need to consider is the cost. This is when it is a must for you to weigh the cost to be on the website compared to the business’s exposure on the directory.

There might be a lack of exposure due to the following:

Absence of exclusivity:

There might be unlimited businesses in a category, meaning that the competitors can purchase a place next to you. The directories offer a premium membership and promise visible rankings among the top

Fragmented categories:

In order to attain additional revenue, the platform offers a hundred categories and subcategories. Although the advertisers feel that they need their own unique category, however, it can be confusing for the consumer.


While deciding the online website to opt for, it is also largely critical to assess the quality of a website. It is also important to analyze the quality of a business model.

Hence, ensure that you assess the following:

  • Whether the platform looks professional or not! It needs to have great quality images, for starters. Additionally, check the site for grammar and spelling mistakes and whether the pages and links work or not. Assess whether it is easy to use and whether the listings are up to date or not!
  • Do not forget to assess the site and its user experience, whether it is mobile-friendly or not. This is largely important as the whole world today is on the mobile phone. There is an increased usage of mobile phones at present. If the site is not that mobile-friendly, it might not be comforting for the visitors.
  • Ask the owners and the sales group of people on the frequency of the sites being updated and evaluate the future planning as well. With time, the internet is slowly evolving, and any brand will likely agree to invest in the evolution and embrace new changes.
  • It is also mandatory to assess a website’s security and all the safeguards that they have in place. Assess whether they have any defined timeline guarantee while fixing any issue.
  • Do not forget to check out the navigation on the directory. Individuals often get frustrated when they cannot get to where they aim to go. Hence, ensure that you check whether the online directory performs well in getting the job done only in a few clicks.
  • Check whether you can display the logo in the right shape or not. Check whether you have the appropriate space to list your brand and company details.
  • It is also now that you must check if anyone can advertise on the directory and if you need to get verified to being trusted. Assess whether you need to meet the defined standards or not in order to be a part of the directory.

As a business owner, getting your business listed online is equivalent to listing your reputation. Hence, it is essential to scrutinize the reality behind the claims that get listed.


You might have the best platform globally; however, if individuals are not aware of it, it might not be visited. Moreover, it is essential to check for the fees that you pay online. There might be running costs such as office costs, taxes, legal and accountancy fees, website costs, travel costs, staff costs, and more.

However, it is crucial for you to know their marketing plan and evaluate how good they are in reaching out to your target marketplace and to potential customers. Check whether they have their defined goal or not. If they do not have a defined marketing strategy as of yet, you need to dig deeper to evaluate their work more.


The online medium offers measurability for the market, which the listing company should be able to answer quickly. Here are a few of the most prominent things to consider:

• The number of unique visitors traveling to the site on an average basis:
This measure is typically important than the visits.

• The source of the website visitors:
When you are a local service provider, it does not make sense to avail visitors globally. Instead, you need customers surrounded by your local area.

• How long they on the website:
Amidst the busy schedule, if a visitor finds a website to be useful, they tend to stick around explore it further.

• The source of traffic:
This is another essential consideration to make as it reflects two of the essential factors that need to be considered, marketing and SEO.


Take your time to check and explore the business directories online and check for yourself how they interact with the businesses and the public in general. A right quality directory can be rightly useful for the brand to grow and attain a larger brand name.

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