How to add a listing in My Favorites?

How to add a listing in My Favorites?

Advaad is focused on small businesses. The businesses are usually referred through the word of mouth! So the listed businesses on Advaad have creditability from the highest sources!

These businesses are local and the people around you have used these businesses.

Here are the steps to add a listing in “My Favorites”

1. Open link to search with advanced filter option.

2. Simple guide to search the listing Advanced Search filter option

  • Search By Title: Search listing by the Name of the business.
  • Search By Category: Select your required category
  • Search By Subcategory: Search listing by subcategory.
  • Select Status: Search by the status of business currently open or closed
  • Listing by Street Address: Search listing by the street address
  • Price Range: Search the listing by Price range of the service
  • Select Rating From: Select minimum star rating of listings
  • Select Rating To: Select maximum star rating of listings
  • Select Location: Select listing city
  • Tags or Keywords: Search listing by keywords or Tags
Advanced Search filter option

3. You can add listing in My Favorite by clicking on  save icon. You can find this icon on top right side of listing image.

Before Added in My Favorites
Once you click on the favorite icon fill color will change to blue from transparent.

4. You can remove the listing from My Favorite by clicking on the My Favorites icon, the same way as to add to the My Favorites process.

Menu Location of the My Favorites Page

6. Find your all My Favorites listing on My Favorites Page I want to search -> My Favorites ( )

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